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Top 4 outdoor games to play at your next Football party.

With the Super Bowl coming up fast I wanted to share with you my list of favorite games to play at your next football party. Of course I don’t expect you to have all 4 games on hand for the party, but select the one that resonates with you most and I guarantee your party will be more fun and memorable because if it. Most of your guests will not even remember who played in the big game a couple months from now, but they will remember that time they played Ladder Golf at your party and accidentally hung the blue bola from the tree and the entire party tried to fish it down with the pool sweeper stick! I’ll break this down for you in terms of timing throughout the day.

If you want to play before the football game starts:

Cornhole is the game to play well before the big game gets underway. I like to have this game out for the guests that arrive early and want to get outside to have a couple of drinks before the football game begins. 2-4 players can play at one time and the game usually take 10-15 minutes. Super fun and everyone will want to either watch or join in at some point. Perfect for a quick tournament too, so have the chalkboard handy so people can call next game.

Playing during the Pre Game Show:

Sure the die-hard fans will be glued to the television, but everyone else will want to play some Ladder Golf. The pre-game show can last anywhere from 1-2 hours in the big playoff games and the Super Bowl. This is the perfect time to pull out Ladder Golf. Games usually only take 5-10 minutes and you can play with up to 4 players at a time. Ladder Golf us fun to watch even if you are not playing, and a great way to get everyone ready for the big game.



If you just want a quick game to play during halftime, try Rollors. It’s a fast an easy game that up to 4 players can enjoy. It's a game that most people will have never seen, so everyone will want to watch too. It’s the perfect game to play while stretching your legs at halftime.

For a faster versions of all these games you can play to 11 points rather than the traditional 21. This way more people can join in the fun and you keep everyone entertained.

Play a game during the entire football event!

Giant Tumble Tower is the king of all games to play at your party! Setup the Giant Tumble Tower next to the cooler of drinks and let everyone know that if you go to the cooler for a beverage, you have to pull a block off the tower and stack it on top. Guaranteed fun - and the person who makes the tower fall, has to stack it all back up again. Giant Tumble Tower is fun throughout the entire party!


Don’t forget the food during your football party. Good food is just as important as good company and good games. Take a look at my recipe for my favorite original appetizer that I like to call Hotdurgers!