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Favorite grill creation ever... The Hoturger!

I have made my fair share of great grill concoctions and appetizers. The Hotdurger is one of my original creations that I think you will like. At least I think it’s original - maybe it's called something else. If so, let me know.


I created the Hotdurger as an after-party snack at my house a few years back with the left over hot dogs and hamburgers from the party. I have long forgotten what game we were watching, but the Hotdurger lives on. I was manning the grill at my house as I do at most get togethers. Most of the guests had gone, and we were left with that handful of people that always stay late at parties. You know the people, that core group of friends, relatives and neighbors that arrive early and stay well after the party has ended. This is usually when the real fun begins. :) We got hungry and used what we had in the house to create the first Hotdurger. Basically, it is part Hot Dog and part Hamburger. Clever - Right?



  • Burger patties: You will have to shape them to fit the bun before you cook them, or you can cut them to fit after they are grilled. I like to add breadcrumbs and A1 sauce to the meat prior to cooking.
  • Hot Dogs: Slice the hot dog in half long ways before cooking.
  • Bacon and Onions: Start with a smokey bacon and dice it up into small bits before cooking. Once the bacon is 3/4 of the way cooked, add a finely chopped onion and finish cooking. Drain the fat off and it's ready to go.

Note about the bun: I like my Hoturgers to be made with Hawaiian Roll buns because they are just amazing, but they are sometimes hard to find and you can substitute a small bun if you have too. But please try to find the Hawaiian rolls, it will be well worth it. I am in Spain right now, and had to substitute for a different bun. :(


Assembling the Hotdurger:

  • Slice that Hawaiian Roll and then start stacking.
  • Start with your seasoned, hand-made beef patty.
  • Top that with a heaping scoop of the bacon & onion mixture.
  • Cover that with cheese - The cheese melts down over the bacon and onion bits so they do not fall off while you are eating it.
  • Then add the sliced hot dog on top of that.
  • Cover with the top bun.
  • Don't forget the green olive and toothpick to hold it all together.

I hope you like Hoturgers - Please let me know if you make them and please send photos of your creations. You can post them to our Facebook page. Don’t forget that every party needs good food and good games. Check out the list of my favorite outdoor games for this years NFL Playoffs and of course the Super Bowl.