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    Murbles All Terrain Bocce Ball Set - Made in the USA


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    Made in the USA, Murbles all terrain beach bocce is just like regular bocce ball, except a bit smaller, lighter weight, and the balls will float if you accidentally roll one into the water. Each player gets 3 Murbles of one color and the object of the game is to get your Murbles closest to the white marker ball. This beach bocce game is designed to be played on uneven ground and the more obstacles the better for Murbles. In fact, each Murble is designed with a bit of an uneven surface to them. This brings an element of luck into the game because you never know which way the Murble will roll. These beach bocce balls are made from injected molded plastic and only weigh about a half-pound each. Much lighter and easier to carry to the beach than traditional bocce balls. The name Murbles originated because a man name Murray designed and built this big marbles set. Very clever name for this beach bocce set that comes in a large drawstring bag that resembles a large bag of marbles. Toss this beach bocce set into your beach bag and have some fun on the sand.

    Comes With:

    • 3 Color 1 Balls (Made in the USA)
    • 3 Color 2 Balls (Made in the USA)
    • 1 White Point Ball (Made in the USA)
    • 1 Draw String Canvas Bag (Made in the USA)
    • Full instructions are printed on the bag