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Hammer Crown™

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Hammer Crown is a brand that is built on trust and this collection of games is built on the experience of over 2 decades in the outdoor game industry. We design and build things differently. We design games with the ultimate goal of making the best possible product on the planet and we make no exceptions. When you start with a goal like this, the rest is easy. 

The Hammer Crown brand of games is sold exclusively by Tosso. This private collection was born out of necessity. You see… we started having quality control issues from some of our suppliers. We were trying to improve the quality of the products that we were offering and we were constantly told that we were “asking for too much”. Ultimately we dropped these lower quality suppliers and we started the Hammer Crown collection of premium games. The Hammer Crown collection joins the Ladder Golf brand of games as Tosso exclusives.

Here is a bit of history… Brent Doud the founder and CEO of invented the Ladder Golf® brand back in the early 2000’s. This brand of Ladder Ball games has long been accepted as the best in the Industry. In 2012, Brent wanted to expand his reach into all types of outdoor games, so was launched. In 2015, the Hammer Crown private collection was launched and now includes dozens of premium quality games. 

We hope you enjoy these games from our Hammer Crown collection. Please feel free to pick up the phone and call us if you have any questions about this product.