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SpoOky Giant Eyeball Dice

A Halloween themed transformation of our giant wooden dice set.

These SpoOky Halloween Dice are a SCREAM 

These SpoOky Halloween Dice are a SCREAM and would be perfect to use for Halloween Games, Carnivals, Pumpkin Patches, Bunco, Parties, Schools or any Halloween Event.

Our Giant Wooden Dice (3.5") are one of our biggest sellers and come in a natural wood with the dots heat-pressed into them.  These dice are fun as-is, but with Halloween right around the corner we thought we would see how creative we could be with transforming these dice into a SpoOky Dice Set.

So pick your colors and base coat all of your dice (including dots).  For detailed instructions on how to base coat the wooden dice please see our prior blog article called, "Customize Your Games for the Holidays" We found a little shortcut to paint the dots on the dice using some common items that most of you probably already own.


For the base of the dot use a tube of Lip Balm! The dot size you will create by using the lip balm as a stamp is the perfect size for the base of the dot.  Then create your other dots by using the end of a paintbrush, pen, Q-tip or whatever you have that has a surface that is the size of the dot that you want to stamp.  We used the end of a paintbrush for both of the small dots.


To create your red lines in the spooky eyes, we just used a stick pin and dragged and squiggled the red lines for the eyes


Be sure to seal your painted dice with something that will ensure that your paint will not chip off during dice rolling.  We used furniture wax, but there are many sprays and paint-on products on the market that will seal painted wood.  (more info on this step in our Customize Your Games For The Holidays blog post). We carry many Outdoor Lawn Games that are perfect for customizing in your own color theme and style to make your event even more special and memorable.

We hope we have inspired you to think outside of the box on all of our wonderful products and the potential they have to make your event even more special!

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