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Wooden Scatter Set - New Product Announcement

We just released a new outdoor game called Wooden Scatter, a variation of Molkky that involves tactics and precision with wooden pins and a wooden baton. The game is portable and simple to learn, making it ideal for birthday parties, weddings, or a day at the beach.

Setting Up Wooden Scatter Games

Wooden Scatter is best played on a level, smooth surface such as a sports field or a sandy beach. The stability of your pins is important, as you don’t want any pins falling over accidentally.

The Rules of Molkky aka Wooden Scatter

Players begin by setting up a series of ten hard wood pins that are numbered one through ten in a formation similar to a bowling pin set up. Play begins when a player tosses a wooden baton to knock over the pins. Each toss is a single turn. Players set up the pins after each turn in the location where they end up, so the pins will be scattered further apart as play progresses. Scoring in Wooden Scatter The object of the game is to reach 50 points first. Players earn points based on the number on each pin knocked over. So knocking over the “9” pin earns you 9 points. Players can knock over more than one pin per turn, but that is not always advantageous to winning. In order to win, a player’s score must be precisely 50. Reaching more than 50 points sends that player back down to 25 points. Players continue until someone reaches 50. It’s hard to keep score up to 50 points in your head, so an outdoor game scoreboard would be the perfect addition to this game.