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We are looking to trade our products for your professional photographs.

We are a SUPER small company with limited resources when it comes to certain things especially photography. I have a nice camera and I even have a small photo studio in the warehouse. This works out perfectly for the white background catalog shots that we use throughout the website, but I need more. If you are a photographer, and like our games please read on.

We need photos of people playing our games and are willing to trade our products for your photographs. We don't just want any old photos, we want photos of people in fun locations playing our games. If this interests you and have access to fun people and fun locations, then hit me up and I'll send you some games at no charge. In return for the games, you can send me a few photos that we can use on our website and our social media accounts.

Here is what we can provide to photographers and bloggers.

  • A couple free games and we will pay for the shipping cost too.
  • Photo credit on any blog posts or social media posts where applicable. Obviously no image credit can go on a homepage hero, but we will try every to give you credit every chance we get.

What we want:

  • People playing our games.
  • People having fun that just happen to be playing our games.
  • Medium to High Resolution photos that are not cropped. 
  • Did I mention people, no people no fun. More people equals more fun.
  • Hero image shots like the top photo on this blog post. These are landscape photos with 30%-50% of the photo showing the people and product and the other 30%-50% of the photo showing the amazing location you're playing the game in. This gives us room to add text over one side of the photo, so we can use this as our hero image on the homepage.
  • Photos that can be cropped square and still show all the details of the people and the product.
  • Full photo and model copyright release for use the photos on our website and in social media. 

What we don't want: 

  • Product photos without any people in them. Like I said before, we have a camera and can setup the games and take still photos of them. We are not interested in photos without people in them.
  • Photos that show the game being played incorrectly. Please take the time to learn the rules of the game and highlight proper game play in the photos. For example: Don't send photos or people tossing Cornhole bags while standing in between the 2 boards spaced too close together. Make sure the people are properly positioned and the boards are properly spaced apart.

If this interests you, please hit me up on Instagram @TossoCEO or click the chat button to the bottom right, or you can email