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Best Beach and Summer Games of 2018

I've been in the outdoor game industry since 2003 when I designed and brought the Ladder Golf brand of games to market. In 2012 I launched and I started publishing this list of best beach games in 2014. I have been playing outdoor games almost daily since 2003. Enough about me, here is my list of top beach and summer games.

2018 is the year of floating outdoor games! This year we had 2 popular games come out with floating versions. Spikeball brought out the Spikeball Buoy which is a contraption that will float your existing Spikeball game so that you can play in the water. Also Bucket Ball released an inflatable rack that will float your buckets while keeping them securely in place. I was skeptical of this inflatable until I actually tried it. It's really fun and makes a nice addition to the game even you don't play to play in water.

Bucket Ball with Inflatable Racks

Bucket Ball Floating Beer Pong

If you think that Bucket Ball looks very similar to giant beer pong, then you are correct. But the game is much more than just a drinking game. As soon as you float the buckets on the water, you will see a whole new side to this game. Who doesn't want to float in the water while playing a game? Bucket Ball game can be really fun for the entire family. Just don't tell the kids the rules to giant beer pong and you are all set!

Spikeball Buoy

Spikeball Buoy Floating Spikeball Game

Same old Spikeball game, but add Spikeball Buoy to it and it can float on water. The game totally changes as soon as you float it on water. 

LED Glow in the Dark Bocce Balls

LED Glow in the Dark Bocce Ball Set

Glow in the Dark LED Bocce Balls are perfect for the beach because they are lighter weight and easier to carry than traditional heavy bocce ball sets. Plus you get the added bonus of turning the LED lights on at night. Don't stop playing when the sun goes down, just push the button and start glowing.


Frescobol Paddle Set

Frescobol is a very fast moving beach paddle sport that will have you hooked as soon as you pick up the paddles. These Frescobol Paddles are absolutely beautiful and far from the flimsy beach ball paddles that you are used too. To play, just space out 20-25 feet and hit the ball back and forth with your partner as hard and accurately as you can. Work with your partner to keep the ball in play as long as you can. 

Ramp Shot

Ramp Shot Beach Game

Ramp Shot is a simple game in concept, but it also has some advanced rules to keep it interesting for the serious players. The simple concept is to toss a ball into the net on the top of the ramp board. If the ball goes in the net, great! You get 3 points. If it bounces on top, then your partner can grab that ball for points. If the ball hits the front of the ramp and bounces back, then the opposing team can grab that ball and gain an extra shot in the next round. 

I hope you enjoyed the best beach and summer games list for 2018. For those of who that have been around for years, you will notice that this is the first year that Ladder Golf did not make the list. Don't worry, it's only because we are sold out right now. You will see Ladder Golf back on the list next year, and many years to come. As long as I can keep it in stock. #HaveMoreFun