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How to Play Teqball

What is Teqball and how do you play Teqball?

Invented in Hungary in 2014 by Gábor Borsányi and Viktor Huszár, Teqball is a soccer-based game that is played on a specially designed board that resembles a curved ping pong table. The aim is to land the ball on the opponent’s side of the table in such a way that they are unable to return it. Because Teqball is a no-contact sport, it’s a great way for soccer players to practice their skills, particularly air-to-air ball handling.

Although invented only recently, Teqball has already hosted three World Cup tournaments, organized by the Federation Internationale de Teqball (FITEQ). The inaugural tournament took place in 2017 in Budapest, Hungary, and featured competitors from more than twenty countries.

If Teqball sounds fun to you, here’s how you can get started playing and impress your friends with your soccer skills.

Teqball equipment

Teqball doesn’t need a lot of equipment, just a soccer ball, and a Teqball table. A size 5 soccer ball is the official recommendation, but unless you’re planning on entering the Teqball World Cup, you can use whatever soccer ball you prefer.

How many people can play Teqball

The inventors of Teqball designed the rules for two, three, or four players.

  • Teqball Singles: Two players
  • Canadian Doubles: Three players (2 vs. 1)
  • Doubles: Four players

You can also buy a single-player Teqball table if you want to use the game to practice your soccer skills alone, and you can always play with more people around a traditional table. Teqball is as versatile as you are.

What are the rules of Teqball?

There are four central rules for playing Teqball:

  • You can only touch the ball three times before returning it to the opponent’s side of the table
  • No touching the opponent or equipment
  • You can’t touch the ball twice with the same body part
  • Within the same play, you can’t return the ball with the same body part more than twice in succession

These rules are designed to maximize the skills required to keep the ball in play and make the game more engaging and fun by preventing rallies where players use the same moves to stop and return the ball each time.

How to win a game of Teqball

You can choose your own terms to win a game of Teqball, but if you’re playing by the traditional rules, the game is won by winning the best of three sets.

Each set is played until one side wins 20 points. You win a point by landing the ball on your opponent’s side of the Teqball table without them returning it.

To serve the ball, stand behind the table and kick the ball so it lands on your opponent’s side of the table. You have two attempts to serve successfully before you forfeit the point.

Players change serve after every four points.

To return the ball, kick it so it lands on your opponent’s side of the table. If you miss the table, you lose the point. You have up to three touches or passes of the ball before you have to return it. If you’re playing in teams of two or more, you have to pass the ball at least once each time.

As well as not being able to touch the ball twice in a row with the same body part, you can’t touch the ball with your hands and arms. This is a soccer-based game, after all! You also can’t touch your opponent, teammates, or the Teqball table.

If the ball hits the side of the table, this is called an “edgeball.” In those cases, the point is replayed.

To Recap the rules of Teqball:

  • Each game is made up of three sets
  • Each set is played until one team scores 20 points
  • You score points by landing the ball on your opponent’s side of the table without them being able to return it

That’s it!

Teqball is a fast, fun game to learn and play. Give it a try and see how good your soccer skills are.