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Princesses, Superheroes, Zombies and Traditions

As a child Halloween was near the top my favorite holidays, in good company with Christmas and my birthday (yes, I considered my birthday a holiday). Leading up to the big night where I was allowed to roam the neighborhood with my friends for hours while the goal was to collect as many sugary treats that I could stash away in my pillowcase and by the end of the night I had to use two hands because it was just that full.

I would agonize for weeks what my final costume was going to be whether it was going to be homemade or store brought and with Halloween just right around the corner, as a grown up I’m just as excited for this holiday but for many different reasons.


Booed Sign

The Halloween holiday is still a month long celebration but now filled with family traditions and is more than just collecting sweet treats with friends. Our traditions are filled with a visit to a favorite pumpkin patch, attending the local fall festival that includes the most amazing funnel cake, decorating the house with over-sized spiders, ghouls, makeshift graveyards and even Spooky Giant Eyeball Dice or a customized Giant Tumble Tower, both of these provide hours of family fun.

My family’s most favorite tradition is picking families to ‘Get BOOed’. If you are not familiar with that concept, it’s usually done in your neighborhood but also can be done at work to….you secretly leave a treat, usually baked goods or a gift basket and then leave this sign “You’ve Been BOOed!” As the lucky BOO-ee, you are asked to BOO two other households, and before you know it, you have a neighborhood full of BOOed homes. This year we have decided to make Mini Donut Spiders as our BOO treats.

It’s Not Just About Candy

Mini Donut Spiders - the perfect recipe for kids to help! They can easily assemble all the pieces and contribute to this darling treat.

What you'll need:

  • Large pretzel twists
  • Mini chocolate donuts
  • M&M's
  • Chocolate Frosting


With a sharp knife, carefully cut the curved parts off of the pretzel. Gently push 4 legs into each side of the mini donut. Next use the chocolate frosting as a "glue" for the M&M eyes.

There you have it!

So simple, with only 4 ingredients- chocolate spiders not so scary and full of all sorts of yumminess!!! Donut & Pretzel Halloween Spiders

Our Halloween Donut Spiders are crawling on our Balancing Blocks

About the Author:

Marison is a SoCal gal that enjoys the simple pleasures in life, one being caramel apples.