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P’smoreo is the new S'more

I can’t remember the first time I roasted a marshmallow on a campfire and made a s’more, but I also can’t remember a camping trip when I was a kid where I did NOT create and enjoy s'mores. I think it is a fond memory for every child that has ever been camping. Maybe it’s the fact that as kids, we get to play with the camp fire, but most likely it’s that we got load up on some sweet delicious treats that we actually created over an open flame.

As an adult, I have changed the recipe for the tried and true s’more and have made it 10x better! Don’t worry, it’s still just as fun to make... it just tastes much different and significantly better!

Campfire for P'smoreos


You don’t need to go camping to enjoy these, but you are going to need a nice camp fire. If you are not camping then a backyard fire pit will work. You will need some good friends, a ton of kids, some chairs and of course your roasting sticks.

Ingredients for P'smoreos


  • Oreo Cookies- regular or blonde (each has a distinct fabulous flavor- we prefer double stuffed)
  • Peanut butter
  • Marshmallows
  • Chocolate Bar
P'smoreos are better than S'mores

Create your tasty treat:

First roast your marshmellow to a nice golden brown. I prefer it if they don’t catch on fire, but some people like that I guess. Break open the Oreo cookie and spread peanut butter on one side. Be generous with the peanut butter. Next, stick a piece of chocolate bar onto the peanut butter. Who doesn’t love chocolate and peanut butter? Then put the roasted marshmallow on and use the top of the Oreo to smash it all together.

S'mores and P'smoreos

Now enjoy the P’smoreo.

It’s a simple change to the traditional S’more that I think you will enjoy!