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Outdoor Games are all the buzz right now.

Last week we stepped out on a limb and tried something new. Team Tosso attended the San Diego Bridal Bazzar with big goals of sharing our passion for outdoor games and the benefits that it can bring to any wedding party. We have had SO many requests for personalized games from several niche markets but the wedding niche got us really excited! We could see the HUGE spike in popularity of outdoor games at weddings, but the question still remained… would the brides, grooms and event planners see it this way??’s booth at the San Diego Bridal Bazaar.

The positive response to our booth was amazing, and to be honest, a bit overwhelming! From the beginning when we called to reserve our booth, the event coordinators were thrilled that we were coming. They said there had never been a booth selling outdoor wedding games in the past and they were certain it would be a hit!

Outdoor Games

Our booth was packed all day with brides, grooms & event planners all day long!

As Bridal Bazaar newbies, we got there early to take a peek at the other vendors, BUT- what we found, is that the other vendors came over to check US out!! Everyone was thrilled to see something new, exciting and FUN entering the wedding market and they LOVED the wedding games that we had to offer.

The concept is simple, playing games is FUN and everyone loves to have a good time.

The real test began once the door opened and the brides and grooms made their way through the front doors… 5,000 of them!! Did I mention it was a bit overwhelming?! Upon recommendation from the event coordinators, we were told that 3 people in the booth would be plenty. We brought 5 team members and we still could have used more help-We were completely out of flyers and giveaways in the first 3 hours of the event. Not only were the brides excited to have something really entertaining to offer their guests, but also the grooms were in love with our products! The concept is simple, playing games is FUN and everyone loves to have a good time. We had hotels, wineries, event planners, family members, brides, grooms, maid of honors and best men all come by and say: “This is by far the best idea for any wedding we have seen yet!” The level of enthusiasm and sheer joy that people could relate to, by playing and sharing our games with those they loved, was such a gift! The fact that they could order these games ahead of time, personalize them, give them as a gift to the couple, or bridal party- was so appealing to them. Many brides even mentioned that they would love to have them to use at co-ed showers, and at the bachelor or bachelorette parties.

Wedding Games

Some of our more popular games at the event were:

The options of personalizing our games are truly endless. When we shared some options like our full color digital printing and laser engraving, people really started to get excited about how fun this would be at a wedding! Here are some key moments during a wedding when having lawn games makes for a perfect scenario:

  • Before the wedding when the bridal parties are waiting for photos and the guests are arriving.
  • During cocktail hour when the bridal party is taking photos and guests are mingling. This is the perfect icebreaker for guest who don’t know each other
  • At the reception when some guests just don’t want to dance. The games offer the perfect entertainment for the little ones too- think flower girl and ring bearer
Wedding Games

Outdoor games are all the buzz at weddings right now and it seems like a lasting trend. We offer something that will make your big day even more special. At the end of the day, who doesn’t want to play games and have more fun?