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    6 Outdoor games to play at your wedding

    Wedding season is quickly approaching and we are fielding calls and emails from brides and grooms asking us about the top outdoor games to have at their wedding reception. Below we highlight 6 of our great games that will make your big day a hit with your guests and keep them entertained during any downtime while you are involved in photos, wardrobe changes, etc.

    Giant Tumble Tower

    Giant tumble tower is by far our most popular wedding game, plus we can laser engrave wedding dates, names, logos or quotes on the blocks to make it even more special on your big day.

    Giant Tumble Tower Wedding Game

    Ladder Golf

    Wedding Trend 2016 - Outdoor Games

    Ladder Golf has been a wedding favorite for many years. We can print custom graphics for the sides of your Ladder Golf game and you can select from 10 different colored bolas to match your wedding colors.

    Wedding Trend 2016 - Outdoor Games

    Personalized Cornhole Boards

    Outdoor Games - Wedding Trend 2016

    Our Wedding Cornhole games can be fully customized with anything you want on the playing surface. Names, dates, photos, designs and colors. If you can imagine a design, we can print it on the Cornhole board. Plus it’s a permanent keepsake for the bride and groom so they can remember that big day each time they play.

    Outdoor Games - Wedding Trend 2016

    Giant Chess / Checkers

    Giant Chess - Wedding Games

    Every bride and groom are the queen and king for the day, so why not have a giant chess set for your guests to play. Plus… it will make for a great photo.

    Giant Checkers - Wedding Games

    Dice / Dominoes

    Outdoor Games - Wedding Trend 2016

    Giant dice and giant dominoes are always a hit with everyone because you can play several different games with them. These are great games that will allow your guests to mingle and have fun casual game with the other guest at the wedding.

    Outdoor Games - Wedding Trend 2016

    Horseshoes / Bocce Ball

    Outdoor Games - Wedding Trend 2016

    Everyone loves a good old classic tossing game, so depending on your venue either horseshoes or bocce ball are always great options.