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Wedding games are extremely popular right now!

Wedding games are a must these days for any wedding with an outdoor venue. Outdoor lawn games will keep your guests entertained during the cocktail hour when the bridal party is busy with photographs, or even when the dancing begins and some don’t want to partake. Our 3 favorite outdoor games for weddings are Giant Tumble Tower, Cornhole and Ladder Golf. These games are classics and are easy to play for multiple people, not to mention they are fun to watch for those who just want to mingle. Adults and kids alike, love to be part of the action!

This is the Hammer Crown premium giant tumble tower.

Wedding Games - Tumble Tower

The Hammer Crown brand tumble tower starts out at 33 inches tall and can grow to over 5 feet tall pretty quickly.

Lawn Games at Weddings - Giant Tumble Tower

The Hammer Crown brand giant tumble tower comes with 56 beautifully crafted blocks and a very nice carrying bag to store and transport your game.

Wedding Lawn Games - Giant Tumble Tower

It's easy to play. Simply pull a block out and stack it on the top. Any number of players can take turns and the first one to knock the tower over, loses.

Wedding Games - Giant Tumble Tower

This giant classic is perfect for any wedding and will keep your guest entertained while the bride and groom are away with the photographer.

Wedding Lawn Games - Cornhole

Cornhole is one of the most popular wedding games because it is easy to play, extremely fun and most of all you can customize the game with your wedding colors, names, wedding date or whatever you'd like.

Cornhole - Wedding reception games

It's simple to play. Toss the bags and get 3 points if you make it in the hole and 1 point if you get it on the board.

Wedding reception games - Cornhole

Up to 4 people can play and games can range from 5-15 minutes. You can even play shorter games up to 11 points in order to speed things up.

Lawn Games at Weddings - Ladder Golf

Ladder Golf has been a classic wedding game for over decade now. Order the balls to match your wedding colors and the classic wooden design will compliment any outdoor venue.

Lawn Games at Weddings - Ladder Golf

We recommend making a quick sign for each game to have at your wedding with the general rules for the games, so your guests can just jump in and start playing.

Outdoor games for weddings - Ladder Golf

Ladder Golf is so fun and simple which makes it perfect for your wedding. To score you get 3 points for the top rung, 2 for the middle and 1 point for the lower rung. Simple and fun is what will make the lawn games a success at every wedding.

Wedding Games - Lawn Games - Ladder Golf

Up to 4 people can play Ladder Golf and you can even shorten the game to 11 points in order to allow more participants to play at your wedding.

Other wedding games that we like are:

  • Bocce Ball- can be laser engraved with a beautiful monogram
  • Croquet
  • Rollors
  • Tic Tac Toe
  • Giant Connect 4 that can also be personalized with pictures, a monogram or the date.