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    Super Yard Games and a Bowl of Chips.

    I thought I would write a quick blog post outlining some of the best yard games for the super big football game that is coming up on Sunday. As you can probably figure out I can’t use the word Super and Bowl together here because they are very strict about the use of that highly sought after trademarked name. Plus a little bit of SEO humor never hurt anyone.

    Anyway, back to best yard games for the super big game that is happening on Sunday.

    Hook and Ring Game

    My number 1 pick would be the Hook and Ring game. It’s fast, fun and everyone can play. Plus it has a bottle opener which will come in handy during the super big football game. Oh… did I mention it has an embedded magnet under the bottle opener to catch the bottle caps? Nobody wants bottle caps all over the ground.

    Best Hook and Ring Game

    Ladder Golf

    This classic yard game has to show up on this list. Ladder Golf is easy to play and was even voted “Best Beer in Hand” game by QG magazine a few years back.


    I’m going to go with bucket ball here just because a nice game of giant beer pongwill be appreciated at this super football party.

    Best BucketBall Game


    I think you get the idea of what yard games I am selecting here. I am going with the classics here that don’t take too much effort and everyone knows how to play. You cannot go wrong with a good game of Cornhole at this Sunday party.

    Best Cornhole Boards

    I am going to stop the list here with these 4 classic yard games. Remember this about the big football game, so don’t get mad that I left off Spikeball or your favorite frisbee game from this list. Who wants to get all sweaty playing Spikeball and then go sit on the couch to watch the football game? Not me… And I left the frisbee games off the list because you know that one friend of yours will toss that Frisbee over the fence in about 2.2 seconds. You know the guy.

    Anyway enjoy the game and hopefully, you have some of the classic yard games to enjoy as well.