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How to Play Hook and Ring Game

The Hook and Ring Game has been around for a long time, it's called different things all around the World. Some people call it Bimini Ring, or Ring the Bull and it can have several rules variations based on your geographic location. We are providing you our suggestions on how to get started play the basic Hook and Ring game. 

Hook and Ring Equipment

All you really need is the hook, ring and a string in order to play, but we offer a nice setup that has a bottle opener and a magnetic bottle cap catch on it. 

Hook and Ring Game Setup

Setup is pretty simple, start by mounting the game board onto the wall with the hook measuring around 4’ from the ground. Next mount the eye hook into the ceiling at around 4-5’ from the wall. Now take the ring and place it on the hook and tie the string onto the eye hook leaving just a bit of slack in the string. You will need to adjust the string as needed in order to get the correct length. The game gets more difficult the longer the string is, so if you find the game is too difficult or your ceilings are high, you may need to move the eye hook closer to the game board or you might even have to adjust the height the game board based on your ceiling height.

How to score points in Hook and Ring

Scoring points in Hook and Ring is easy. 1 Point is awarded each time a player gets the ring to stick onto the hook. It's that simple. If you can't get the right onto the hook, then you don't score any points. No points are awarded by simply hitting the hook. That's just the wrong way to play... 

How many people can play Hook and Ring

You can play hook and ring with as many players as you want, or even play by yourself. Simply take turns swinging the hook 10 times and then allow the next player to try. The first player to 11 or 21 points is the winner. 

How do you win at Hook and Ring

We recommend playing to 21 points, but for shorter games feel free to play to 11 points. Make sure that everyone gets an equal amount of swings. For example if player 1 goes first and gets 21 points, you must allow player 2 to get the same number of attempts in order to tie the game or take the lead.