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7 Things you need at your Super Bowl Party!


Let’s start with the obvious. Food and drinks are a must at any Superbowl party. I read an article on that the Superbowl is the second largest food consumption day in America behind Thanksgiving. We are talking over 1 billion chicken wings, 12 million slices of pizzas, a hundred million pounds of Guacamole, almost 120 billion hamburgers. Whatever you bring to the party, make sure it is amazing! Here is a recipe for one of my favorite grill creations that combines Hot Dogs and Hamburgers! I call it the Hoturger. You can find the Hotdurger recipe here.


Obviously beer is the number one consumed adult beverage on Super Bowl weekend with estimates at over 300 million gallons on Super Bowl Sunday. Local craft beer to domestic lights, bring plenty and enjoy, but remember to have a ride home from the big game. If you want a break from beer try this cocktail called the Rusty Roy. It’s a refreshing bourbon cocktail that brings the average whisky and Coke to a new level. Recipe here.


Between Pre-Game shows (~2 hours), Halftime shows (~30 minutes), Commercials (~30 minutes), and the actual football game (~3 Hours) you can expect about 6 hours of fun. It’s always nice to have a couple outdoor games setup for guest to play. Cornhole is a popular tailgating game and it’s easy to play. Also check out the Hook and Ring game that has a bottle opener with a magnetic cap catch built it. It’s a game plus a bottle opener. Perfect for the party.

For the Kids

Don’t forget the kids at you Super Bowl party. Chances are kids will not watch the entire game and they will need something to keep them entertained. Here is a DIY football themed lawn bowling game. We call it Super Bowl Bowling. All you need is some inexpensive indoor/outdoor turf, some spray paint and the Hammer Crown Lawn Bowling set. It will only take you 10 minutes to make and the kids at the Super Bowl party will thank you.

For the Gamblers

Make sure you have Super Bowl squares ready to go. If you are not sure what these are you can Google it and have it printed in a couple minutes. It’s basically that 10x10 scoring grid. Nothing fancy, but this is a must for any proper Super Bowl party.

Next up are the prop bets. These are novelty or side bets that can be placed on almost anything. For example did you know the over/under for the length of the National Anthem is 120 seconds. Pink is singing the National Anthem this year. The average according to for the last 12 performances is 118.6 seconds. Alecia Keys had the longest at 155 seconds and Billy Joel has the shortest at 90 seconds.

For the Commercial Watcher

Each 30 second commercial during the Super Bowl costs upwards of 5 Million. It might seem expensive, but with with over 110 million people watching the game live it’s a pretty amazing way to get your brand in front of people. Some people will want to watch the commercials and not really care about the game. For these commercial watchers, make sure you clear the viewing area during time-outs and in-between quarters. Remember to some people the commercials are more important than the game. Don’t worry if you miss the commercials, you can watch them at work on Monday if you show up. Estimates show over 1.5 million people call in sick the day after the Super Bowl.

For the Halftime Show Watchers

Nothing - Just get out of the way and be quiet for them during the halftime show. This years Super Bowl performer will be Justin Timblerlake, so you might want the DVR on in case you need to rewind it really quick.