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How to play Frescobol

Frescobol is a beach paddle sport where you work with your partner to hit the ball back and forth as many times as you can without allowing the ball to hit the ground. Some other names for this type of beach paddle game around the World are Matkot, Beach Tennis, Smash Ball and Raccettoni. 

Rules of Frescobol:

Frescobol is an easy sport to understand and play. Find a partner and then start hitting the ball back and forth trying to keep the ball from hitting the ground -that's the only real rule of the game. As you get better you can start hitting the ball harder. This is called an "attack". Your partner will defend the attack by hitting the ball back to you. As you get really good this becomes a team effort as you begin to hit the ball with greater speed and accuracy. It's a great spectator sport too!

Frescobol Setup:

Setup for Frescobol is easy, just grab your Frescobol paddles and start hitting the ball back and forth. Start as close as 15' when you are first starting out and learning and then get to about 25' as you get the hang of it. It should not take too long to get the proficient at this game.

Where to play Frescobol:

Frescobol can be played in almost any outdoor area. The game was originally played on the beach and the sand and water is the perfect compliment to this game, but a nice grass area will work as well. 

How to score points in Frescobol:

When playing Frescobol, you do not really keep score because you are not trying to win. You can count how many times you hit the ball back and forth before it hits the ground and use this as a score if you want. Then each time you play you can try to beat your high score.

Frescobol Equipment: 

To play Frescobol all you need are a couple or Frescobol paddles and a ball. You don't need any court markers, nets or anything else. 

How do you win at Frescobol:

Wining at Frescobol is easy, just play! Everyone wins, because it is so fun! Give it a try today and you will be hooked!

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