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How to play Bottle Bash Frisbee Game

Bottle Bash is a simple and fun frisbee game where you toss a frisbee to knock a plastic bottle off a pole. It's simple to learn how to play and fun and challenging as you get better at the game.

Bottle Bash Setup:

To begin space the poles out 20'-40' depending on the skill level of the players. If you are good with a frisbee then space it closer to 40'. Place the bottles on the top of the poles and select your teams.

Split into 2 teams of 2 players each. Team members will stand behind the same pole and players must stay behind the pole at all times.

Playing Bottle Bash:

Flip a coin or the frisbee in order to see which team will go first. That team will have 1 player toss the disk in the attempt to hit the pole or the bottle. The defense will attempt to catch the frisbee and the bottle before they hit the ground. The defending team must stay behind the pole at all times. The defending team with the disc will then throw the disk back trying to score points. The game will continue like this with teammates alternating throwing the frisbee.

Scoring Points in Bottle Bash:

Bottle Bash Scoring

Only the team that is tossing the frisbee can score points. Points are only awarded when the Frisbee or the Bottle hits the ground. If the defending team catches the Frisbee or the Bottle no points are awarded.

  • Frisbee hits the ground behind the pole - 1 Point
  • Bottle hits the ground - 2 Points
  • Bottle Hits the ground and the frisbee hits the ground - 3 Points.

The maximum points that can be scored per round is 3. 

Early catch penalty. If the defending teams catches the disc in front of the pole then the throwing team will get 2 points. You must not cross the boundary line when defending your pole.

Player knocks the bottle off:Remember the bottle is always live, so if either team bumps into the pole or bottle and it falls to the ground the other team will be awarded 2 points. 

How to win Bottle Bash

Games are played to 21 points, for faster games you can play to 11. Teams must win by 2 point.

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