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Best Beach and Summer Games of 2017

Why am I telling you what the best beach games are for 2017?! Let me explain... I have been in the outdoor game industry since 2003 when I created the Ladder Golf brand of games. I have been manufacturing and selling games ever since. In 2012 I put together a small team of outdoor game loving people and launched This site allowed us to expand into all sorts of outdoor games and products. Trust me when I tell you it's REALLY fun and I don't even consider it work. That's enough about me... Let's get into the top beach and summer games of 2017!

I think the trend in outdoor games is shifting toward more active games that not only provide entertainment, but also exercise. I am seeing the younger customers seeking out newer non-traditional outdoor games. Maybe it’s just the the younger demographic just doesn’t want to play what their parents played. Maybe it’s a trend that started a couple years ago with the explosion of Spikeball and now we are seeing it expand. I am excited to see how the outdoor game market shapes up over the next couple of years. We already have one newcomer in the list below and I think we are going to see a few new players in this space shortly.

Spikeball Pro

Spikeball is still the hottest game on the market. You can just walk the beaches of either coast and you can spot the black and yellow game everywhere. This is the third year in a row that Spikeball has made the top beach and summer games list and I don’t see it slowing down anytime soon. This year Spikeball Pro is available. The pro version is stronger and thicker and comes with an upgraded ball, a ball pump, backpack and even a tournament serving line. Spikeball Pro is a must have for the serious Spikeball player.

Spikeball Pro

Frisbee Games are hot!

Frisbee games are officially heating up in the outdoor game space. We have seen Kan Jam and Flimsee on past lists and now Bottle Bash joins the ranks. That’s right… The game that consists of knocking a plastic bottle off of an aluminum pole with a frisbee. No standing around in this game… When your team is not tossing the frisbee you have to be ready to not only catch the frisbee, but also the bottle if it is knocked off the pole. If either of them hits the ground, the other team scores points. It’s a fast paced fun game to play and if your feeling adventurous, you can make up your own drinking rules. After all you are hitting a bottle off of a stick!

Bottle Bash Beach Game

Bucket Ball

Bucket Ball is basically like a giant beer pong game...and everyone loves a good game of beer pong! In all seriousness, this is a fun and challenging game even if you are not drinking. Bucket Ball consists of two sets of 6 buckets. The buckets are setup in a diamond shape and players or teams attempt to land a tennis ball in the bucket. Once the ball lands in a bucket, it is removed from play. The first team or player to remove all the buckets is the winner. Again… feel free to make up your own drinking rules, or just play a family friendly game of Bucket Ball.

Bucket Ball Game

Ramp Shot

Ramp Shot is the new comer to the best beach and summer games list! It was created in 2015 and is built in the USA. It’s very similar to Cornhole in that you are trying to get the ball in the slot, but it keeps 3 out of 4 players active each round. The element of defense that this game has, makes it action packed and sets it apart from Cornhole. Ramp Shot is a team sport where teammates are on opposite sides. One team tosses the ball in hopes of getting it directly into the slot for 3 points. If it bounces off the top of the ramp and your teammate catches it you can also score a point. If you come up short and the ball hits the front of the ramp, it will bounce back where the other team will attempt to catch it in order to gain an extra shot on the next round. The first team to 15 is the winner! It’s very portable and perfect for the beach sand.

Ramp Shot Game

Ladder Golf

Ladder Golf is 14 years old now and I think it has officially reached evergreen status. Meaning it’s one of those traditional outdoor games that everyone has seen before. It's still hugely popular, especially at the beach…. So grab your bolas and start tossing. 3 points for the top rung, 2 for the middle and 1 point for the bottom rung. This game is here to stay and you will most likely play it again very soon, so don’t let your Ladder Golf skills get rusty!

Ladder Golf


Frescobol has made the list in the past and it’s back again. It’s an up-and-coming sport that is still gaining popularity, but it is far from a mainstream game in the USA. Frescobol is catching on fast! This new sport not only provides fun and exciting game play, but also it’s a workout. Players work together with a partner to volley the ball back and forth as many times as they can before it hits the ground. It’s a refreshingly non competitive sport that takes some practice, but you can catch with a bit of practice.


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