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Get outside and play dice on the lawn!

I am sure all of you may remember when you were a kid, playing a family game of dice on your coffee table at home. Well... It's time to take it up a notch and supersize the fun with our giant wooden dice! We took some kids out to play and they loved the ‘wow’ factor of giant dice. Everyone enjoyed the challenge of throwing these yard dice with their hands or from a bucket. It’s a great way to take indoor play and move it to the great outdoors. 

We played Yahtzee this time, but you can play any dice game outdoors. All you really need to play Yahtzee are the official scorecards, which you can buy on Amazon for around $6 and 5 dice. In the photos we are using the natural wood giant dice, which come on a set of 6. These giant wooden dice are also available in black & white as well. We used a 10 quart metal bucket in these photos which you pickup at most hardware stores.

To win the game, you need the highest score after 13 rounds of throwing the dice and using the scorecards to determine the scores. Each of the 13 categories of scores must be used once, with the favorite score being “Yahtzee” which means five dice showing the same number. Yelling “Yahtzee!” may be one of the highlights of the game! This game is also useful in teaching math skills. Get some giant dice, go outside and #HaveMoreFun!

Giant Yahtzee basics in photos:

Put 5 of the dice into the bucket

Giant Yahtzee

Throw the dice onto the lawn

Giant Yard Dice

Toss any or all the dice that you want to re-toss, rolling up to three times.

Giant Wooden Dice

Use the official Yahtzee scorecards to write down the score.

Giant Yahtzee Scoring

The next person throws the dice and follows the steps above.

Giant Yardzee

Continue until all 13 categories have been scored, including Yahtzee.

Giant Yard Dice

You can choose to toss the dice from a bucket or with your hands.

Giant Dice Stacking

These giant wooden dice are 3.5" square and are fun to just hold and play with.

Holding Giant Wooden Dice

When you’re not playing outside, these great-looking giant dice also make a nice décor piece on the shelf in your kids’ room, family room, and more, see this blog post for more ways to use your games!