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Top 4 Outdoor Games for Breweries, Bars & Tasting Rooms

San Diego is one of the top cities in the world for fans of craft beer and breweries. Thrillest named us the #2 best beer city, Travel and Leisure called San Diego one of the best cities for beer lovers, and even CNN listed America’s Finest City as one of the best beer towns in the country. Brands like Stone, Ballast Point, Alesmith, Karl Straus, Pizza Port, Latitude 33, Mason Aleworks and over 100 other breweries are proud to call San Diego their home. 

With all these craft breweries in our backyard, we felt it was our duty to add the fun of outdoor games to the experience of sampling all the wonderful San Diego beers. Many of our best brewery games can be played while carrying a beer in one hand, so you don’t need to interrupt your tasting adventure! Aside from brewery tours, tastings, and TVs, many big warehouse breweries don’t have a lot of entertainment options. San Diegans like to be active, even when enjoying their craft beer, so playing games is just the right balance of staying active while relaxing with friends at a brewery. The giant warehouse settings mean these typically outdoor games can be enjoyed indoors as well. Games also provide a good way to extend your brewery trip, adding a few rounds of fun in between tastings and meals.

And now, in no particular order, are the top 4 outdoor yard games for breweries, bars, and tasting rooms:

Giant Tumble Tower - Fun for the whole group

The Giant Tumble Tower is a stacking game where you remove one rectangular block at a time and then stack it on the top of the tower, alternating with other players, and whoever topples the stack loses the game. One version of the game says only one hand can be on the blocks at a time, leaving your other hand free to carry your latest beer sample. Each block is about 8 inches long and almost 3 inches wide. The giant sizing of this 33-inch tall game makes playing it easier on your hand-eye coordination after you’ve been enjoying quite a few beer samples, enabling you to still #havemorefun late into your brewery trip! And going along with the local brew theme, we are a local company and this game is made from sustainable pine wood which can be customized with company logos, words, or witty phrases laser engraved onto the blocks.

Giant Tumble Tower

Cornhole - An American Classic

Cornhole is played by tossing a bag filled with corn into a 2x4 foot angled wooden board with a 6-inch hole. Since tossing can be done one-handed, your other hand is free to hold your nice cold beer. The two cornhole boards used in a game should technically be 27 feet apart for an official cornhole match between two teams, which makes it a great game for inside or outside of large brewery spaces.

Our premium cornhole boards can be digitally printed with company logos, images, or anything they’d like on them. 

Custom Cornhole

Mega fun with Giant 4 In-A-Row

If you like to put your mind to work while enjoying a visit to the brewery, creating a strategy to win a 4-in-a-row game may just hit the spot. Our Mega 4 and Giant 4 games are indeed giant-sized, so you can play standing up. The large, wooden, red and black coins fit well in your hand, leaving your other hand is free to sip your beer while strategizing your next move. This game does not take up as much space as the tumbling and throwing games, so smaller breweries can easily add one to their tasting room or outdoor patio.

Giant Connect 4

Hook and Ring Game - You'll be hooked

The hook and ring game is the smallest of these four classic games great for breweries, so even a small bar could install one to add some entertainment. A magnetic hook on a wooden base is mounted on a wall, a steel 2” ring on 8 feet of nylon string is attached to the ceiling, and players swing the ring toward the hook 10 times to see how many times it sticks to the magnetic hook to wins points. They players switch after 10 times. The first person to get 21 points wins.

Our version of this game has a beer bottle opener attached and a magnetic bottle cap catch…it is ready to help you #HaveMoreFun with your friends!

Hook and Ring Game

URGE Common House in San Marcos

I got the chance to tour the new URGE Common House restaurant and brewery in San Marcos. A quick recap of the video: 21,000 sq feet of space with a HUGE patio area. Seats over 400 people, 3 Bars, 8 lane bowling alley, private rooms, 2 oyster shell bocce ball courts, outdoor games like Cornhole, Giant Tumble Tower and Giant Connect 4. If you're in San Diego, it's a must-see.