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Outdoor Games used in Home Décor

- Jen Bergren

Using wooden outdoor games to add more fun to your indoor style

There’s no need to hide your outdoor games in a closet or garage, when well-made wooden games can add an on-trend touch of fun and warmth to any room.

Rustic wooden signs, wood pallet decorating, and natural décor accents are a trend in interior design that is here to stay. Chip and Joanna Gaines have brought the use of barn wood, slat wood, and other farmhouse décor into the mainstream on their HGTV show "Fixer Upper". Natural wood products can be seen at many local shops, farmer’s markets, and hand-made product pop-ups such as Maker’s Arcade in San Diego.

Another recent decorating trend is the minimizing and de-cluttering popularized by Marie Kondo’s book, "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up". Combining these home trends by displaying items that "bring you joy" which also look great with your latest décor seems like a winning idea... and what could inspire more joy that the games you love to play? There’s no need to hide your outdoor games in a closet or garage, when well-made wooden games can add an on-trend touch of fun and warmth to any room.

Here are a few outdoor games that would look great displayed in plain sight.

Giant Wooden Dice

Giant Dice

Sets of 6 giant dice can be display as two sets of three, two stacks of 3, two pyramids, one big pyramid, or numerous other configurations on different surfaces.

Unlike the old fuzzy dice hung on the rearview mirror, the current way to decorate with large dice is using a natural, blond wood to add rustic, beach-y charm to a room. A more classic black-and-white group of giant wooden yard dice pops in rooms decorated with brighter color.

  • Display on coffee tables, bookshelves, desks, mantles, and more.
  • Stacks of lawn dice make nice bookends on tables and shelves.
  • Display in a bowl, stacked in a tall vase, or in a wire basket.

English Skittles and Lawn Bowling

English Skittles

English Skittles are basically 10 miniature bowling pins that comes with the three colored balls. They come in your choice Blue, Yellow and Red. 

  • Display one, three, or more pins at a time, with the balls and without, and can split up the set into several displays around the room or in several rooms.
  • Display the pins on coffee tables, bookshelves, desks, mantles, and more.

Giant Wooden Dominoes

Giant Dominoes come in sets of 28 and provide many opportunities for decorating... there is even a (now online) magazine about interior design named Domino, for more decor inspiration.

Blond wood adds natural, neutral charm while classic black and white adds a pop to rooms with more color.

  • Hang on the wall in different arrangements as wall art. For example, using the dominoes to “spell” out your house address, wedding date, birthday, kid’s birthdays, or other important numbers.
  • Use them as pieces of a gallery wall grouping or alone on the wall
  • Hang them around another piece of art as a floating frame.
  • Display stacks of dominoes on desks, coffee tables, or bookshelves.

Many rooms could benefit from the addition of games as décor, such as offices, living rooms, dens, teen rooms, and the more obvious choices of man caves, game rooms, rec rooms, and play rooms.

Displaying your good-looking wooden outdoor games where you can see them will hopefully inspire you to #HaveMoreFun each time you enter the room.

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