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Top Father's Gifts

This year I wanted to do our Father's Day gift guide a bit different than in years past. I thought it would be fun to add in a few products that we don't sell on into our Father's Day blog post. So I searched around the Internet and looked to see what my favorite purchases or products were in the last few months and I came up with this list. Take a look...

UE Roll 2 - Bluetooth Speaker

This wireless speaker is powerful, durable and waterproof, but that is not why I picked it. The reason I picked this bluetooth speaker over all the rest is because it has a bungee cord on the back of it. You can connect it to almost anything from your Ladder Golf game to your Cornhole boards to your mountain bike or even a tree branch. It's even possible to connect 2 speakers together, so you can have one on each side of your game. Some notable tech specs are: It's waterproof, bluetooth range of up to 100 feet, 9 hour batter life, it sounds great and is very loud. Every guy needs a rugged bluetooth speaker these days. Available at

UE Roll 2 Bluetooth Speaker

Electric Tech One Polarized Sunglasses

Every guy needs a good pair of sunglasses and we lose them so often they are always a welcome gift especially going into the summer months. The Tech One polarized sunglasses were purpose-built for adventure and designed specifically to take you comfortably from sun to snow to surf and anywhere in between. The polarized lenses will allow for greater visibility in water which makes them a must for fishing, paddle boarding, kayaking and sailing. Electric sunglasses are designed in California and hand built in Italy. Available at

Electric Tech One Polarized Sunglasses

Custom Team Colors Cornhole Boards

This is a new product for us and I think it will be a popular one with sports fans. These are the same premium Cornhole boards that we have always offered, but now allow you choose your own custom team colors. The top surface of each board is digitally printed directly to the wood. That means no paint and no stickers that can change and impair the playing surface. These official sized 2' x 4' boards are built with ultra-premium materials starting with the solid polar frame. Each piece of wood in the frame is cut to perfection and all joints have been CNC machined for a flawless fit. Order your Custom Cornhole Boards today.

Custom Cornhole Boards - Sports Team Colors

Bellroy Credit Card Phone Case

Let's face it, you never go anywhere without your phone these days and you always need to carry a Drivers License, Credit Card and Debit Card. Why not combine it all into 1 and ditch the bulky wallet. I have been going wallet-less for about 2 years now and will never go back. I have tried a few different card carrying phone cases, some I liked and some I did not. This card carrying case from Bellboy is my favorite so far. It can store 3 cards, and has a great feel to it. Made from top-grain leather and environmentally certified polymer this case will protect your phone and replace your bulky wallet at the same time. It can be used as a kickstand for your phone too if you ever need that. The flap that opens feels very solid on this case and I appreciate the magnetic closure. The magnet gives it just the right amount of snap when it closes, so you know your cards are secure. Available at

Bellroy Credit Card Phone Case

The Original Ladder Golf Game

This is what started me down the path of selling outdoor games and I think it has become an evergreen game in the outdoor game industry these days. If you missed it, please read my blog post on the History of Ladder Golf. If your father doesn't already have this game, I think it will be a great gift. Ladder Golf is available right here on our site.

Ladder Golf

Yeti Tumbler

Sure, Yeti is known for their over-engineered coolers, but they also make rugged stainless steel double-wall drinkware too. I have been using one for a few weeks now and have nothing but good things to say about it. It keeps my coffee hot for hours in the morning and it also keeps my cold drinks cold. This thing will hold ice for days! I have even used it to keep my beer cold when I am out in the yard. Here are some tech specs on this cup: Built with 18/8 stainless steel, double wall vacuum insulation, sweat proof and dishwasher safe. Available in all different sizes at

Yeti Tumbler

Travel Cribbage Game

This tiny cribbage board design was inspired by the pocket games soldiers carried in WWII. It's no bigger than a standard deck of cards when it is folded up. This travel cribbage board by Walnut Studios has a 60-point laser-engraved board that folds in half. It comes with four solid copper pegs, two black and two red, which stores safely inside an inset brass tube and secured with cork plug. The outside of this wooden cribbage board is made from natural, vegetable-tanned leather. A very unique and thoughtful gift for any Father that likes to play cribbage.  Travel cribbage is available right here in our shop

Travel Cribbage