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    Uber Games Wooden Scatter Set - 10 Pins


    This is a 10 pin version of the popular game of Molkky. The difference is that this game uses 10 pins instead of 12 and the pins are considerably larger than the original game of Molkky. This wooden scatter game uses 10 oversized hardwood pins with the numbers 1 thru 10 printed on the top of them. The goal of the game it to get to 50 points exactly without going over. To score points you toss the wooden baton underhand trying to knock over the numbered pins. If you knock over multiple pins then you score 1 point for each pin. If you knock over just 1 pin, you are awarded the points that are printed on the top of that pin. Once the pins are knocked over they are reset in the location that they fell. So the game eventually gets scattered into a wide area which makes the game really fun and challenging to play.

    Wooden Scatter Mollky

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      Paul R.
      United States

      Quality product, but!

      Wish that instructions came with the game. Googled a similar game called Molkky and used those as a guideline.


      Paul, Yes, this game would be played the same as Molkky. Sorry this manufacture doesn't include rules with this game, but I am glad you figured it out.

      Karl Z.

      bocce with a twist

      very fun, played on concrete 1st made for more challenging ame but not so good for wooden pieces lol. sand or lawn is beter. Since no rules came with it what we came up with is this. Any throw that knocks down more than 1 pin u get 1 point for each pin down. Only way u get number value of pin is if it is only one knocked down. Play to 50 exact, over back to 25. fun game