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Who knew 56 blocks of wood could be so fun.

Giant tumble tower is a game like no other and is one of our most popular games in 2014. I think the simplicity of the game coupled with the fact that at any second the tower will come crashing down is why this game is so popular for players and specters alike.

Giant Tumble Tower is sort of like a car race, you will watch it lap after lap knowing that any second you will see a spectacular crash. People will watch a game of giant tumble tower in anticipation of that moment when someone loses and the tower comes tumbling down.

This is one of the only games that I know of where there is no winner, only a loser. The only way to win is by not being the one who makes the tower fall. Give Giant Tumble tower a try at your next tailgate, beach or backyard party and you will see why this is becoming one of the most popular outdoor games of the year. We offer several different versions of this game. The version in the photo is an UBER Games Hardwood Giant Tumble Tower.