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A word to my suppliers.

As you know, we strive for quality here at Quality products, quality service and even quality packaging. After all, when you place an order with us the first thing you see is the package that arrives at your door.

Quality is what our entire company is built upon. Without it, we would be just like everyone else and that is not why we started this company. When the UPS driver rolls up to your house and hand delivers that large box to your door, your first glance at that package will give you your first impression of the overall quality of the product inside that box. Of course we want that package to look as good as possible.

We DO NOT carry the same old junk that you can find on hundreds of different websites. We take pride in the products that we carry and we hand selected them for a reason. We could easily grab the product feeds from a few large manufactures and setup shop selling the same old stuff. But we are better than that and I expect my suppliers to be better than that too.

If the quality of my products starts to slip, we will find replacement products that meets our quality standards. And yes… that includes the overall “package” quality which in turn includes the packaging.

As of today, all products that leave this dock will be in tip top shape and inspected before they leave the door. Even if that means that every single item needs to be repackaged. That’s a huge expense for us in both time and money. So I am leaning on my suppliers to step it up, because I know you are better than all the rest. I truly believe that anyone can own and run an eCommerce site, it's the way you do it and the pride that you take in each package that will set you apart from the rest.