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How to play CROSSNET


CROSSNET is the world’s first version of four-square volleyball. Player’s compete in a four-way battle to eliminate one another and have the ball land in their opponent’s square. Games are played to 11 points and you win by 2.

How do you play CROSSNET

To begin playing CROSSNET, players first designate the four quadrants and assign players a number 1-4. Rallies begin by the 4th square serving diagonally to the 2nd square and then the ball is returned to any other square. Only one hit is allowed per return. Points are only accumulated in the 4th square and players keep their points when eliminated.


  • Squares are ranked highest to lowest, 4-1. There are two sets of lines on the court. Outside boundaries are the outermost edges of the entire court, while inside boundaries, divide the individual squares.
  • If a player lands the ball on any outside boundary, it is considered in play, and the player in that square is eliminated. However, if the ball lands outside of the outer boundary, the player that last hit the ball is eliminated.
  • Inside boundaries do not dictate if a ball is in or out. If a ball travels over the net and into a players square they are responsible for returning and playing the ball.
  • Players may hit the ball only once with their hands to return the ball over the net. We define “hands” as any area between a player’s wrists and fingertips, including the back of the hands. Players may not catch, carry, or hold the ball at any time during play. If your group decides, players can extend play by adding additional touches to each return such as a bump, set, spike or our personal favorite(head, knees, feet).


Each time a player is eliminated, that player leaves the court and all the players advance to the next square. The lowest ranking square is then filled by a new player. All eliminated players leave the court and wait for their next turn to join in the 1 square.

These situations represent possible ways a player can be eliminated

  • Failing to hit the ball into another square
  • Allowing the ball to hit the ground in their own square
  • Hitting the ball out of bounds
  • Hitting the ball incorrectly
  • Hitting the ball out of turn

The Showdown

If there is a dispute that cannot be settled by the players, then the only proper way to resolve the disagreement is through the Showdown. The Showdown is a mini-game of two square with no custom rules and the loser is eliminated.

How to Set-Up CROSSNET

  • Decide game-play height: men, women’s, children.
  • Connect two sets of poles.
  • Slide net over two sets of poles.
  • Attach tension strings.
  • Stake tension strings to create one side of the net.
  • Repeat steps 3-7 to create your CROSSNET.
  • Attach interior and exterior boundaries.

CROSSNET Equipment

  • Height adjustable 4 square volleyball net
  • All necessary poles, tension straps, and ground stakes
  • Inside and outside boundary markers
  • 1 Volleyball
  • Air Pump

Crossnet Equipment

Get outside and play a group game of CROSSNET!