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Mummy Bowling - How To Make This Fun DIY Halloween Game!

Halloween is fast approaching and it's time to start making the DIY Halloween decorations and Halloween games. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to make a Mummy Lawn Bowling set. 

Start with a Wooden Lawn Bowling Set.

Of course we like our Hammer Crown brand Lawn Bowling set, but you can use any bowling pins. Our set comes with 10 pins that are 9" tall and made from solid wood. The game comes with 3 wooden balls as well.

Wrap the lawn bowling pins in gauze.

We just used ordinary gauze that we purchased from the grocery store. We got the cheapest  gauze that we could find and it worked perfectly. Nothing fancy here, just plain old gauze wrap. Once you wrap the pins in the gauze just use a piece of white tape to secure the end. Super easy.

Stick on a couple eyeball stickers.

We got the eyeball stickers from the grocery store, they had severals colors and styles to choose from. We found some that were available in packs of 20, so it worked out perfectly. We left a small opening with the gauze around the face area so we could put the eyeball stickers directly onto the wood.

Draw a mouth onto the tape.

We used some ordinary white medical tape that we found right next to the gauze at the grocery store. Just use a black pen to draw a mouth onto the tape and then tear off a small piece and tape it onto your mummy.

Tie the halloween ribbon.

We purchased some orange and black halloween ribbon from the craft store. I think it says Trick or Treat on it. Just tie the ribbon around the neck of your mummy and hopefully you can tie a nice decorative knot. If not a square knot will work just fine. Again, nothing fancy here.

It's a super fun and easy halloween project.

This DIY Halloween project only takes a few minutes to make and will provide a unique decoration that can still be played as a lawn bowling game. You can even remove the gauze and eyeballs if you want after Halloween if you want to use your lawn bowling set throughout the year. Grab a wooden Lawn Bowling set today and #HaveMoreFun this Halloween!

Mummy Bowling Game