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How to play Ramp Shot

Ramp Shot is an action packed 4 player game that is similar to Cornhole, but it allows 3 out of the 4 players to be involved at all times during the game. Ramp Shot is sort of like the younger more athletic brother of Cornhole. Don't expect to drink a beer and stand around in this game. 

Ramp Shot Setup

The Ramp Shot game ramps are setup at a minimum of 15 feet apart with the ramps facing each other. You need 4 players in order to play Ramp Shot, so split up into 2 teams of 2 players and let's get started.

Playing Ramp Shot

To decide which team goes first you can do the traditional coin toss or you can step it up a little and use the Ramp Shot game to decide. Each team will toss 2 balls into the ramp so it bounces back towards to the other teams Ramp. The player that gets it closer to the opposing teams Ramp gets to go first.

Once you have decided your teams and you know who is going to shoot first, teammates will split up, so one player from each team is standing behind each Ramp. After each round of play the team with the higher score will go first. 

Each team will get 2 of the same colored balls and can only score points when they are shooting. The shooting team has 2 players. The player shooting the ball is called the "Shooter" and the other teammate is called the "Playmaker". The defending team has 2 players. One is called the "Stealer" and the other is called the "Odd-Person Out". 

Scoring Points in Ramp Shot

Ramp Shot ScoringOnly the team shooting the ball can score points. If the shooter tosses the ball directly into the slot on the top of the Ramp into the net it is worth 3 points. You score 3 points even if the ball goes into the net and then bounces back out. It happens from time to time and it still counts for 3 points. If you miss the net you can still score points if the ball bounces off the top of the Ramp and your teammate catches the ball. 

  • In the Net - 3 Points
  • Playmaker Catch - 1 Point

Gaining an Extra Shot in Ramp Shot.

Getting an extra shot in Ramp Shot is a pretty big advantage since you can only score when you are shooting. To gain extra shots the opposing team must catch the balls that hit the front of the Ramp and bounce back towards the shooter. For each ball the Stealer catches they gain an extra shot during the next round. Make sure your stealer is not taking a break or else you will miss the opportunity to gain a big advantage in the game. 

The Slapback

This is a new and exciting twist on the game of Ramp Shot and adds the option for "The Slapback" 2 point shot. Typically the Playmaker would catch the ball off the top of the ramp and score 1 point. The Slapback requires the Playmaker to slap the ball back towards his or her teammate in hopes that they catch the ball behind the Ramp. If the Stealer catches the ball then they earn an extra shot in the next round. This is typically reserved for the advanced layer, but definitely adds more excitement to this fast paced game. A few rules on the Slapback shot, both the shooter and Playmaker must not move in front of the Ramp. Pushing or interfering with the person catching the ball will result in the points being awarded or the extra shot being awarded. All players should only attempt to catch the ball. Contact will be acceptable only if it is caused by both players attempting to catch the ball. The Shooter must catch the ball with his or her feet behind the Ramp. If the shooters feet are in front of the Ramp it will not count. It sounds a lot more difficult than it really is. If you are confused you can find some videos online that explain it in more detail.

How to win the game of Ramp Shot

In order to win the game you must score 15 points EXACTLY. If you go over 15 points, then the points simply don't count and you try again next round. 

Ramp Shot Overtime

If both teams score 15 points at the completion of play then the game goes into overtime. Overtime is simple, you just play to 21 points. If both teams tie at 21 during overtime play then the game moves into sudden death. Sudden death rounds are highest score for the round wins.

Download the PDF - Ramp Shot Rules