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How to Play Washers

Washers Game is a classic portable game that is very fun and challenging to play. It is said that this classic outdoor game got its start by people throwing metal washers or coins into cans. The goal of Washers is to get small metal washers into or near a hole in a Washer box.

Equipment for Washers

  • Washer Boxes: Washer Boxes are typically 15 inch x 15 inch with a 4.5” hole in the center.
  • Washers: Washers are typically about 2 ½ inches on the outside with a 1” hole in the center.

Rules of the Game

Although there are many different variants of the game the general rules are as follows: Washers is a 2-4 player game and can be played individual or in teams of two. The game is divided into rounds where players or teams will alternating pitching washers, attempting to get the washer into the hole or into the washer box. To begin, place each of the Washer Boxes on opposite ends of the court or yard ( a regulation court is not needed for casual play). Flip a coin to determine which player or team throws first. Alternate the pitching of your washers with the other player or teams. It is important to remember that for all throws, one foot must stay behind the front of the box that you are throwing from. Once all players or teams washers have been thrown that round is over and teams move to the opposite washer boxes, tally up the points and begin a new round with the other players on each team throwing the washers. Games usually go to 21 points, but you can decide the details.

Washers Game Scoring

Scoring in washers is simple! A team earns one point if a washer lands inside the box. Three points are earned if a washer is inside the cup. Points cancel out so if you both land in the cup no points are scores. Only one team or player can score in any given round Although this outdoor game seems simple the small washers can make it much harder than it looks giving you and your teammates a fun challenge!