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4 outdoor games that you have never heard of.

When you think of the 4th of July you think America, fireworks, barbeques and of course, entertainment. Outdoor games can add some friendly rivalry to any backyard gathering giving you and your guests hours of backyard fun. We have all heard of the classic games like Bocce Ball , horseshoes and Cornhole, but what about the games that you have never heard of?

Numbered Skittles a.k.a Molkky

Numbered Skittles or Mokkly as the Finnish call it is relatively new to the outdoor games world but the simple tossing game that combines a little luck and a lot of skill is becoming more and more popular. The game set comes with one throwing pin, 12 wooden skittles numbered 1 through 12. You simply setup the numbered skittles and start tossing the throwing pin at them. Each player(s) from opposing teams alternate throwing and earn points depending on which pins they knock down. If you knock over more than 1 skittle, each skittle down counts as 1 point. If you only knock over 1 skittle, then you get the points value on that downed skittle. The team who earns exactly 50 points first is the winner however; if you go over you receive a penalty that reduces your score back to 25 points! This Numbered Skittles game is made in the USA too!



Rollors is a perfect game for the indecisive! The creator of this outdoor game took some of the best aspects from Bocce Ball, Horseshoes and Lawn Bowling… so if you can`t decide, Rollors is the ideal outdoor game. The object of Rollors is to get your team`s wooden disk closest to the goal. The disk that is closest to the goal gets the points value on that disk. The first team to get to 21 points is the winner, but once your team reaches 21 don`t start celebrating just yet… you have to win by at least a two points. This game was invented by a Military Veteran.

Yard Dice

Yard Dice gives you and your guests the freedom to play all of your favorite dice games on a much larger scale. With the large wooden dice you can entertain your friends for hours. Dice games include Greedy, Whamee, 21 Aces, Dudo and much more. You can even bring Vegas outdoors with Street Craps. These wooden yard dice are made of solid wood with wood burned pips. 

Lighted Bocce Ball Set

If you think your 4th of July party is going to go all night long, then plan ahead with this cool new Lighted Bocce Ball set. These are official 107mm size translucent plastic bocce balls that have LED lights inside. These things put off a serious glow and will get hours of play after the sun goes down. Simply press a small water resistant button to activate the LED Light, press it again and your bocce balls will flash, press it a third time and you can turn them off. This is a very unique product that is sure to draw a crowd at sunset. The 4th of July is a time of fun and celebration! So this year surprise your family and friends with some of these unheard of outdoor games which are sure to keep the party going all night long!