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How to play Rollors

Rollers combines some of the best features from classic outdoor games including Bocce Ball, Horseshoes and Lawn Bowling. The game is simple yet provides hours of entertainment for single opponents or team play and is perfect for grass or sand surfaces.


The Rollors game sets include two goals, one of each color (blue and red) and three disks called Rollors as well as a measuring cord to aid in determining the distance in close call situations.

Rollors Rules

Rollors can be played with just two people or in teams of two or three. The object of the game is to get your team`s Rollor disk closest to the goal. To begin, space the goals about 25 feet apart on a flat surface. Flip a coin to determine which player (or team) gets the blue set as that team will go first. A blue player then rolls each rollor (one at a time) towards the red goal, attempting to get as close as possible to that goal. Rollors need to be rolled on their edge with a wind-up similar to bowling; they should never be thrown like a Frisbee. Once thrown, the rollors must touch the ground within four feet of the release otherwise that throw will earn no points. Once all the blue rollors are thrown it is the red team`s turn. After all red rollors are thrown points are totaled and the game continues from the other side. Rounds continue until one of the teams reach 21 points or more; however, there’s a catch! Players or teams must win by a two or more point lead.


Only one player or team can score in each round. The player with one of their rollors closest to the goal earns the points for that round. The team with the closest rollor to the goal earns all the points of all their rollors. In the event of a tie, neither player is awarded any points. In order to score, a rollor has to land within a five-foot radius of the center of the goal. If a rollor lands on its side, the team earns all the points displayed on that side of the rollor. If a rollor stops on its edge, the team is awarded the sum of the point value displayed on each side. If a rollor is touching the goal, that team is awarded double the points of the number displayed. Now that you know all the rules and regulations of Rollors you can begin playing! Remember, when you reach 21 points or more don`t start celebrating right away…. You need to beat your opponent(s) by at least two points in order to be the champion!

Download the How to Play Rollors PDF.