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Personalized Giant 4

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Stand out from the crowd by personalizing your Giant 4 game. We offer in-house laser engraving. Get your company logo engraved directly into the wooden coins. Laser engraving is one color only and is done on both sides of all 42 wooden coins 

This classic connect 4-in-a-row game stands at just under 3 feet wide and has a beautiful wooden finish to it. When you are done playing, pull the wooden bar on the bottom of the game to release the coins. Our unique 4 knob design is sturdy and easy to put together and allows you to pick up and move the game anytime. Our GIANT 4 game comes with a FREE carry bag. Perfect for storing and carrying your game. This Personalized GIANT sized game is sure to draw a crowd, but we have an even larger version. For the larger version take a look at our Personalized MEGA 4. A favorite game for breweries and pubs, wedding receptions, corporate team building events, birthday parties, tailgating and makes a great addition to any game room. Exact dimensions are 34" wide and 29" tall with 3.5" coins.

Artwork:Select NONE if you would like to just order your game and work with us via email to get the artwork. Select LASER ENGRAVE TEXT and use our customizer to select your fonts and styles. Select LOGO and upload the artwork/logo if you would like to send us your artwork with your order.

NOTE: Production time is 5 to 7 working days to laser engrave the coins after the sample is approved. We will contact you after you place your order to gather the details and logo files from you.

Comes With:

  • 1 Game Surface
  • 2 Outer legs
  • 1 wooden slider to release coins
  • 4 Knobs to attach the outer legs
  • 21 Wooden red coins
  • 21 Wooden black coins

How To Play

GIANT 4 is easy and fun for all ages to play, as long as you can reach the top of this MEGA sized game. To play, just drop the wooden coins in and try to connect 4 in a row. Be careful and watch your opponent too, you will have to use your coins to block the other player from connecting 4 in a row. You can connect your coins vertically, horizontally or diagonal. The first player to connect 4 is the winner! Our MEGA 4 game makes it easy to start over. Just pull the wooden bar at the bottom of the game and all the coins will come crashing down!