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What is Molkky?

Molkky is a simple yet challenging game that I am sure you will enjoy playing. You may find it under other names such as wooden scatter or wooden skittles. However, the basic concept remains the same: knock over a series of pins in order to earn points. Molkky can be used at a wide variety of settings: anywhere outdoors, (it’s very portable), bars (it’s social), and parties (it’s fun).

The game begins with a player tossing a baton into a series of either 10 or 12 pins. Each player takes turns throwing the baton into the pins and collecting the number of points associated with the number on each pin that is knocked over. After each turn, the players will set up the pins in the exact location where they were knocked over. This makes for a far more difficult task knocking the pins over. In addition, players aim to reach 50 points precisely. Players who score more than 50 points are penalized and return their score back down to 25 points. It's difficult to keep score in your head up to 50 points for multiple players, so I recommend a scoreboard. Our outdoor game scoreboards keep score for up to 4 players all the way up to 61.

Molkky is a great party game because it is played on a flat surface, has light game pieces, and is extremely simple to play. It is both ideal for an adult party where friends play a few rounds while enjoying a drink together or a party where children need to burn off some of their energy. As an added bonus, Molkky provides excellent lessons in strategy and math for young players. They’ll need to keep track of their scores, add up several different number combinations, and plan ahead for each turn before tossing the baton. Molkky is also an extremely affordable outdoor game.

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