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Today we signed a 2 year lease on our own warehouse.

We move into our own warehouse on November 1, 2013 and will be shifting all our inventory from our fulfillment centers into our own warehouse. I think it is the right move for our business and our customers. Check back to this blog to watch the progress and rollout of our new office and warehouse.

Outfitting a new office and warehouse for an eCommerce business.

Even though is over a year old, this office and warehouse space is brand new to us. I never thought I would get excited about cubicles, pallet racks, forklifts and shipping tables, but I am pumped right now.

Office Space:

This week I designed the office space and ordered the cubicles. The office space has a small reception area and a larger office off to the site. In the larger office we are putting in 3 cubicles and putting a small desk in the reception area. I selected cubicles, so we could optimize the space and still give each of us a little privacy. Not the most glamorous solution, but they sure are functional.

Warehouse Space:

The sketches for the warehouse are underway right now. 120 feet of pallet racking has been ordered and I am mapping out product locations right now. The pallet racking will allow us to stack pallets along the outside walls,so we can optimize the space and store more product.


Wow.. Who knew forklifts were so expensive and so many to choose from. We found a small unit called a Walkie Stacker that is basically a large electric pallet jack that will lift your pallets up so you can get them up on the top racks. We also found out how hard they are to relocate, but that is a different story.

We are ready.. Bring on the product…