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The Largest Giant Tumble Tumble Stacking Game EVER!

First of all you’ve got to see this to believe it!

This Caterpillar challenge called “STACK” uses 27 600 pound blocks to make a tumble tower with a total weight over 8 tons!

This giant game of tumble tower uses 5 Cat machines, including a 320E, TH514C, 277D, M316D and349E to maneuver the blocks and took 28 Hours to play. You have to give credit to the Cat operators here too. These highly skilled people took turns working the controls of these machines to push, pull, grab and stack these enormous blocks. This shows how amazing these Cat operators and the machines that they operate really are.

Ultimately this is a great showcase video for the Caterpillar brand.

Here is the video - Showing what I think is the Worlds Largest Stacking Game ever played.

If you liked that, you have to watch the making of video as well.

For the full article you can go to the Cat website.