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Best Beach & Summer Games of 2016

I have been in the outdoor game industry for 13 years now and this is my third annual article on the best beach and summer games. Here is a bit of my background. In 2003 I invented the Ladder Golf brand of games and have been manufacturing, marketing and selling outdoor games ever since. In 2012, I launched and built a team of game loving employees to help. At Tosso, we seek out lesser known, higher quality outdoor games and we test each game before we decide to sell it on our site. Yes... by testing I mean we play with all the games to decide if they are good enough to make it onto this website. It's a tough job, but very rewarding and fun :) Anyway, now we can get back to the games. Here is my list of the top beach and summer games for 2016. I hope you enjoy them.


Frescobol - Paddle Ball - Beach Bat
We have all played paddle ball at the beach before 

Fresobol is a beach paddle sport from Brazil that is taking this country by storm. We have all played paddle ball at the beach before, but this is different, this is a fast paced sport that requires speed, agility and a good partner. In Frescobol you do not play against your partner, you play with your partner to see how many times you can hit the ball back and forth. The paddles are a hollow core wooden paddle that is handmade in Brazil. They are lightweight and the sound they make when you smash the ball to your parter is amazing!

OGO Sport Disks

Ogo Disks - Kids Frescobol

Frescobol might be a bit fast paced and difficult for children, but the OGO Sport Disks are a perfect way for children to join in on the fun. The OGO Disks are used as paddles to hit the koosh ball back and forth. You can even use the small trampoline style disks as a frisbee and toss it back and forth. This is a great game to get the kids working together to hit the fluffy ball to one another. It's perfect for the beach and it is even water proof!


Frisbee sport that is perfectly tailored for the beach

Flimsee is a frisbee sport that is perfectly tailored for the beach. Nothing goes better with the beach sand and waves than a good old frisbee. To play just setup the 4 small poles and place the plastic cups on the top of the poles. I know... this is sounding like a drinking game, and it very well could be played like that, but doesn't need to be. Once the 4 poles are setup split up in to teams and start tossing the frisbee. If you get the frisbee through the poles you get 2 points. If you hit the pole, and knock the cup off, and it hits the ground, you get 1 point, but it has to hit the ground. If the opposing team catches the cup you do not get any points for that toss. It's a very fun and fast paced frisbee game that is sure to draw a crowd even if you are not playing it as a drinking game.

Filmsee - Frisbee Game

Beach Bocce AKA Murbles

Murbles is just like Bocce Ball, except it doesn't come with all the fancy courts or rules, and is much easier to carry. Murbles is made in the USA from recycled plastic and is much lighter and smaller than traditional bocce balls and it is meant to be played on uneven surfaces. We have found that beach sand is the perfect playing field for Murbles and did I mention that they float? The balls in this game intentionally have a slight variation in their roundness which adds an element of surprise to the game. You never know which way they will roll especially on uneven ground where the game is the most fun. Next time you head to the beach, pack along this lightweight beach bocce set called Murbles. Leave the traditional bocce balls for the fancy courts or manicured lawns.


LED Glow Bocce Balls


Sure... Murbles are great to play at the beach during the day, but when the sun goes down you need something with a little more glow. Glow in the dark bocce balls might be the most amazing thing in the outdoor game industry in the last several years. When the sun starts to set, simply push the water resistant button on the balls and they magically light up. Okay... it's not magic, it's a tiny LED light inside the colored balls that actually make them glow and boy are they bright! You never have to worry about that afternoon bocce ball game running long into the night with these glow in the dark bocce balls.

Waboba Fiddlestix

Waboba Fiddlestick

Waboba Fiddlestx are another kids game that the parents are sure to love as well. Basically lacrosse sticks that are specifically made for your Waboba Balls. These lacrosse sticks are water resistant and meant to be played in water. Great for beach play, these sticks are sure to skip your waboba balls even longer. Just space out about 25 to 30 feet in ankle deep water and start skipping the waboba balls to your teammate... or your opponent. No rules, just fun!

Ladder Golf

Ladder Golf on the beach

Ladder Golf was invented on the beaches of the San Diego by me.… so it is sure to make the list every year. But in all reality it is a great beach game because the sand feels so good on your feet while your playing Ladder Golf. To play just space the Ladders apart about 15 feet and start tossing the bolas. Score 3 points for the top rung, 2 points for the middle rung and 1 point for the bottom rung. The first player to score 21 exactly wins!


Spikeball - beach

Spikeball is a very unique beach game that is a cross between 4 square and volleyball. To play, team up and then slam the palm sized ball into the hula hoop sized net on the ground. The opposing team can hit the ball up to 3 times before sending it back into the net. The first team to 21 points wins and prepare to get tired because it is a great workout. The beach sand helps soften the blow when you are diving for the ball!


Beach Cornhole

Cornhole made the list this year because it is so fun and addictive that you will not mind lugging the heavy boards from the car to the sand. The good news is that our Cornhole boards are lighter weight than most and have handles that make them easier to carry. Just find a nice sandy spot on the beach and space the boards apart 25 feet and start tossing your bags. Players get 3 points for a bag in the hole and 1 point for a bag that sticks on the top of the board. The first player or team to 21 wins! I would recommend staying up in the dry sand and away from the waves when you setup, because nobody likes soggy wet bags.

Beach Game Bag - Checkers & Backgammon

Summer Shop Beach Backgammon & Checkers

We added a non active game to the list they year for those people that just like to sit under the umbrella on the beach and relax. This double sided backgammon & checkers combo game, has a built in playing board on both sides od the bag! Use the bag to carry your sunscreen, sunglasses, beach towel or even your lunch inside. When you are ready to play, just empty the bag and flatten it out to start your game. It has a backgammon board printed on one side and a checkers board printed on the other side and includes all the game pieces for both games. This game will provide you with hours of entertainment even if you don’t want to venture out from under your umbrella on your next beach trip.

Top Beach Games of 2016