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Flimsee Set

Frisbee games come in several different shapes and sizes with varying rules. Flimsee is an action frisbee game that consists of four (4) poles, four (4) plastic cups, and two (2) frisbees. You place the poles 16" apart and the space out 35' and set up the other two poles 16" apart. Teams can score two points by tossing the frisbee clean through the poles and one point for knocking the cup off the pole and to the ground. Don't forget the defense side of the game where the team can catch the cup mid-air to stop the point. Points are only aware when the cup falls all the way to the ground. The game breaks down into a small duffle bag that makes it a perfect game to take the beach or park. Check this new frisbee game out, I am sure you will like as much as we do.

Comes With:

  • 8 Half poles that fit together to make four tall poles
  • 6 Plastic cups
  • 2 Frisbee disks
  • 1 Lightweight carry bag

Flimsee is a great frisbee game for the whole family. This game is best played on grass or sand.

Frisbee Cup Game