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  • Joga Frescobol Paddles Set (Wood; Dark)
  • Joga Frescobol Paddles Set (Wood; Dark)
  • Joga Frescobol Paddles Set (Wood; Dark)

Joga Frescobol Paddles Set (Wood; Dark)

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Frescobol is a Brazilian beach racquet sport dating back to the 1940's in Rio De Jameiro. The game consists of 2 hollow core beach bats, or beach racquets as we would call them, and a ball. The racquets are handmade in Brazil and designed with a hollow core that creates a perfect sweet spot for improved control and speed. This hollow core design not only helps with balance and power, but when hitting the ball back and forth it produces an amazing sound that you will come to love the more you play. The racquets are handmade in Brazil from wood and will have slight variations in grain and finish. It's this handmade quality that give your Frescobol set a unique and lasting look and feel.

  • 2 Wooden hollow core paddles (handmade in Brazil)
  • Sky bounce balls
  • 2 Replacement grips
  • 1 Drawstring tote

Frescobol doesn't reeally have any formal rules, since there is not winner or loser in the game. To play just space yourself apart from your partner about 15-20 feet and start hitting the back and back and forth. The object of the game is to try to keep the ball in the air as long as you can. Work with your partner to hit powerful shots back and forth. I guess the only rule is to have fun. The game will definately take some practice to get used to. When you start you might be able to hit a couple shots back and forth, but after several minutes of practice you should get the hang of it. Remember that both players are part of the same team and you are striving to hit the ball back and forth with as much power and speed as you can and as many times as they can. You should try to help your partner by hitting a shot that they can return instead of trying to win the game. Count how many times you hit it back and forth and try to beat that number the next round.

FrescoboI is unique because instead of an opponent, you have a partner, and the goal is to support your partner rather than to try to win or score points.

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Love Jogga Paddles!

I'm from Brazil and absolutely love this sport called frescobol there! Bought some paddles from tosso and just wanna say that the quality is amazing and the paddles really look professional. Thanks guys!