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  • Ladder Golf Tournament Edition
  • Ladder Golf Tournament Edition
  • Ladder Golf Tournament Edition
  • Ladder Golf Tournament Edition
  • Ladder Golf Tournament Edition
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Ladder Golf Tournament Edition

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This Ladder Golf Tournament Edition comes with everything 2 to 4 players need to play a game of Ladder Ball. This set is super fast and easy to setup, and very sturdy. It's made with materials like solid hardwood, real golf balls, brass hardware, and unbreakable rungs. It's surprisingly easy to play as well as fast and easy to setup and breakdown. Just space the game ladders apart and start tossing the bolas. You get 3 point if you land on the top run, 2 for the middle, and 1 for the lower. The first player to 21 win!

Comes With:

  • 2 Hardwood Game Ladders
  • 1 Set of 3 Green bolas
  • 1 Set of 3 White bolas
  • Nylon Carrying Bag
  • Official Ladder Golf instructions
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • 2 Hardwood game ladders
  • 1 Set of green bolas
  • 1 Set of white bolas
  • 1 Extra large nylon carrying case
  • 1 Official Ladder Golf rules
  • Ladder Golf quality guarantee

The game is pretty simple play, but can get very competitive as players get used to tossing the bolas. To start, just space the ladder out about 15-feet, or 5 paces, and decide which player or team is going to go first. Each play must toss all 3 bolas before the next player is able to toss his or her bolas. Points are scored from the bolas that remain hanging on the ladder after both players have thrown. The winner of the round earns the first toss in the next round. Games are played to exactly 21 and the player or team must hit 21 exactly or the points for that round do not count. In the case of a tie at 21 points a player must then win by 2 points.

The Ladder Golf brand game is the original tossing game that started the entire Ladder Ball craze in 2003.