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  • Deluxe Arrowcopter Set (2-Pack)
  • Deluxe Arrowcopter Set (2-Pack)

Deluxe Arrowcopter Set (2-Pack)

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The arrowcopter is a classic helicopter toy that is made in the USA! It's simple to use and so much fun. Just fire the arrowcopter into the air. Once it peaks the helicopter blades will come out and the toy will start spinning softly to the ground. Hours of fun! The set comes with 2 arrowcopters and 2 wooden dowls and 2 heavy rubber bands. Take the rubber bands and connect them to the dowl to make the launcher. The arrowcopter has a hook on the bottom that makes it really easy to launch with the rubber band. No batteries are required. Get out an play with the arrowcopter!

  • 2 arrowcopters
  • 2 wooden dowls
  • 2 heavy rubber bands

Launch the arrowcopter into the air and watch it float gently to the ground. Try to catch it if you want.