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    Travel Keychain Black Dice (Set of 6)

    Take your game of dice on the road (and in style!) with this travel dice keychain. The beaded 4" chain holds the six black dice in the solid brass square tube on one end, with a walnut wood plug on the other. Six dice fit in the tube. The brass will build character over time with patina and marks from normal use. Attached the keychain to your car keys or to your bag, and take it with you as a convenient and stylish travel game! Very well made and very descrete! Measures 2 1/4" x 3/8” square and the keychain is approximately 4” long.

    Comes With:

    • Six (6x) 7mm black travel dice
    • 1 solid brass square tube
    • 1 braided chain with clasp
    Travel Dice