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    Bocce Ball Tournament Series

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    This bocce ball set comes complete with everything 2 to 4 people need to play bocce ball, and packs nicely into a nylon carrying bag. This set comes with premium quality 100mm bocce ball balls made with solid, one-piece construction. Manufactured from resin, these bocce balls are precisely crafted for roundness and balance. Suitible for all ranges of players, this set is great fun for people playing recreationally to expert players. These are the same balls as our championship bocce ball set but this tournament set comes with the nylon carrying bag.

    These bocce balls are approved for tournament play by the United States Bocce Federation and is one of the only bocce ball sets that is still made in the United States by a family-owned company.


    • Balls have 2 different designs to allow for 2-4 person play
    • Thermo-set composite resin balls


    • Bocce: 107mm
    • Jack/Pallino: 57mm